NWFD and UBFD participate in “Rescue Day” training
By Captain Brad Kreimer
May 18, 2022

On Sunday May 15th multiple crews from New Windsor as well as Rescue Squad 8 from Union Bridge Fire Company met at Station 10 to participate in “Rescue Day” which simulates a wide variety of complex, realistic incidents for our crews to manage and overcome. Units ran 3 separate scenarios to include a farm machinery rescue, a subject pinned under heavy equipment as well as a complex vehicle collision simulated limited resources with multiple patients trapped.

Scenario 1: Farmer with his leg entangled in an auger. Units had to manage the patient, secure power to the equipment and work to disassemble the equipment around the patient without causing further harm. Special thank you to member Jeff Fritz for letting us use the farm and providing the old farm equipment for us to practice with.

Scenario 2: Worker pinned under a large object at Lehigh Cement Company. Units arrived to find a subject with his lower body trapped under a large piece of old equipment weighing in excess of 50,000lbs. Members worked together to stabilize and lift the object using a variety of different lifting tools and techniques to extricate the patient. Special thank you to Chief 8 and Lehigh for allowing us to use their facilities.

Scenario 3: Simulated vehicle collision with multiple patients trapped in multiple different vehicles and limited resources. Crews arrived to find a 4 vehicle collision with 3 simulated patients trapped in 3 separate vehicles. Crews worked together to stabilize the vehicles and come up with a plan for extrication. Crews then split to handle the incident both quickly and efficiently. One vehicle on its roof required the vehicle to be lifted and stabilized before removing the roof all while the vehicle remained upside down. Another vehicle required a dash roll that had a 2nd vehicle on top of it, to remove a simulated patient that was pinned by the dash. Special thank you to Chaz’s Used Auto Parts and Towing of Taneytown for providing the vehicles used for this training.

Units: E101, E102, RS8