By NWFD Bingo Committee
June 29, 2022

Effective July 5th, 2022 Regular bingo card packets will be increasing by $2.00, due to the increased cost of supplies.

9 card regular games will now cost $12.00 per packet
6 card regular games will now cost $10.00 per packet

To offset this change, we will now automatically enter every player into the player's pool. There will no longer be a ticket to purchase for $1.00, to be placed in the player's pool. Moving forward we will build the player's pool by counting the number of players (which we already do with the jackpot payout) and putting that amount into the players pool bucket. We are hoping this small change will not be an inconvenience to our dedicated bingo players. We look forward to you coming to play bingo with us.

Thank you for your understanding,
-NWFD Bingo Committee