Department Announces 2023 Officers of the New Windsor Fire Department
By EMS Captain David Coe
December 21, 2022

On December 12, 2022 the officers and members of the New Windsor Fire and Hose Company Number #1 held its yearly elections and the following individuals were elected into office. These appointment take place January 1, 2023. The New Windsor Fire Department would like to thank all of it's the current officers for their hard work in 2022 and would like to wish the new officers good luck as they serve the department in 2023.

Administrative Officers

President - Marcy Munshaur
Vice President - Rick Fritz
Treasure - Ed Palsgrove
Assistant Treasure - Jason Riley
Corresponding Secretary - Kim Strawsburg
Assistant Corresponding Secretary - Sarah Lowman
Financial Secretary - Barbara Blacksten
Assistant Financial Secretary - Valerie Hawkins
Chaplain - Larry Steen

County Delegates - Dale Allen Lowman and Felix Hill

Board of Directors - Steve Strawsburg Jr.
Ed Palsgrove
Terry Petry
Tom Coe
Kevin Kreimer
Neal Roop

Operational Officers
Chief - Steve Kreimer
Assistant Chief - Brad Kreimer
Captain - Byron Welker
Lieutenant - Jeff Lease
Chris Walker
EMS Captain - David Coe
EMS Lieutenant - Kim Kowalczyk

Appointed Positions
Safety Officer - Josh Vogel
Sergeant - Tom Kowalczyk

Apparatus Foreman
Engine 101 - Kevin Kreimer*, Jess Denning, Sam Insana
Engine 102 - Ryan Tighe*, Darrell Kontz, Aaron Grauel
Brush 105 - Tim Colliflower*, Chris Kowalczyk
Medic 109 - Richard Wolfe*
Utility 10 - Matt Miziorko*
Utility 10-1 - John Grauel*

* - Lead Foreman

Looking for a way to serve your community, the New Windsor Fire Department is always looking for new members, please go to and complete an application today.